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Ines Kouidis is a collage artist focussing her detailed creations on portraits of people and city spaces.
The fascination of movie stars, pop culture celebrities, fashion icons or cities with their stories are the subject of her collages.

Old broken newspapers, glossy magazines, posters and paper of any kind are her colors, her source.
A new show is created, a new look. She sends the viewer on humorous journey of discovery through characters, careers, fortunes, dreams and history.
Already back in her earlier work her focus lay on the man. The movements of the body and the tension of the moment to hold. Swimmers, athletes, dancers, bull fighters, the clash of arms, the dancing shoes on the floor, the rustle of clothes, the music captured in snapshots.
You can find her portraits in numerous private collections worldwide and published in art books like "Collage by Women" from Rebeka Elizegi or the "Art Theorema" Collection by Luciano Benettons Imago Mundi.

Ines Kouidis lives and works in Berlin.

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